We offer following services at Manahri Metals.

Free Pickups


We will pick up your scrap meal for free. Just call us and let us know your street address and we’ll send a pickup truck to load your scrap metal.
(Note: No free pickups for residential addresses, free pickup is restricted to industrial addresses only. )

Free Bins


We will supply free bins for ypur scrap metal, various sizes are available such as 4’x4′, 6’x4′, 8’x4′ and more. Call us and let us know where and when do you want the bins and the same will be supplied to you as soon as possible.

Free Car & Truck Removal


We remove old truck and car bodies free for you. Call us now! and get rid of the old car and truck bodies.

Factory Cleanups


Now you don’t have to spend money on scrap metal factory cleanup because we cleanout all the waste and scrap metal from your factory for fee and you’ll get paid.